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Body Harmony/Energy Healing/Cell-memory Release...
As a child I knew there was more to life than what I could see around me.  I would spend a lot of time on my own down the back of the house by a creek where I would play, looking for huts and caves, and I would do a lot of thinking.  As I grew into a teenager, I grew passionate about human rights and became involved with animal rights.  I was fascinated with Shamanism and healing and did many courses on how the mind works and energy healing.

One day in 1989 someone told me about a course called Body Harmony.  I was very intrigued so I went along to a meeting. The energy in the room was phenomonal!  There were spirit beings in the room and the facilitator was incredible.  It absolutely blew my mind!  I spent a couple of years training in the Body Harmony Techniques, then assisted on the courses so I could really learn everything about it.  I loved working with the energy, and could work with it exceptionally well.  It is an open healing modality that tunes in to what the body wants and acknowledges our own body's healing abilitles.  The practicioner listens and observes, and works with what each person's needs are individually, and facilitates the healing according to their needs.

Then when I was 22 I felt the need to get onto a spiritual path and find a teacher that resonated with me, so I sold everything I had and paid off my debts.  I jumped on my bike and cycled to Coromandel from Auckland. With the clothes on my back and the money I had left, I journeyed around the Coromandel and ended up at a Tibetan Buddhist Retreat Centre where I stayed for 9 months working as the resident housekeeper and caretaker, studying and meditating.  I cooked for visiting Lamas, participated in many events, and had the most amazing mind opening experiences imaginable.

When I left, I moved back to Auckland to live and work at the Buddhist Institute in Avondale where I studied for another couple of years under my teacher, while also working at Harvest Wholefoods where I learn't more about natural health, organics, and macrobiotic cooking.  Then I traveled to Nepal, India & Tibet where I spent time in such holy and inspiring places as Boudhanath, Bodhgaya, Sarnath, Dharamsala and Lhasa  It was an awesome experience of the most amazing energies and histories. The cultures and the people were incredible. I have also had the good fortune of being able to attend teachings given by H.H. Dalai Lama on many occasions over the years, a teacher to me who is so incredibly inspiring!

I also developed a lifelong passion for Feng Shui back in 1994, reading and study all I could on traditional Feng Shui methods and experimenting everywhere I went. I further studied in Australia under a Malaysian Feng Shui master. This all added to my fascination with energy and matter and how interconnected to our environment we are – how it powerfully affects our lives in so many ways.

In 2000 I also spent almost two years learning therapeutic massage and complementary courses like Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Articular Mobilization, Holistic Pulsing, and many more.  I believe that we are all unique, and likewise our path to health and harmony is unique to us. The techniques I use acknowledge each of our unique healing pathway's that our own tissues and energies dictate.

In 2003 I traveled through Malaysia and Singapore with my Lama as his attendant on a teaching tour.  It was a fantastic experience and one I'll never forget.  Then in 2005 I flew to Bali to refresh my Body Harmony techniques at the International Body Harmony conference.
In 2013 I completed my degree in Naturopathy and Medical Herbalism, and more recently I've taken up further study in Traditional Herbal Medicine.  It is so fascinating how the body can heal itself given the right means.

I feel that we often loose touch with whats going on with our body and body energies – we become too busy with our lives and put too much emphisis on intellectual understanding and outer achievments, disconnecting us from our inner self and we forget how to nurture and heal ourselves.
We do things and think things that don't feel right, and yet we continue to do them anyway. These things become imprinted on our mind continuum and in our cell memory, creating powerful negative mental programs , which play over and over (and accumulate if we don't effectively deal with them), interfering with achieving the happiness we constantly seek and goals we strive for.

Healing at a cellular level involves becoming aware of these deep memory imprints and trauma. The sudden acute self awareness you experience of these past memory imprints we've been carrying around, is facilitated through healing for it's quick release - our body, given the chance, is only too happy to let it all go in order to abide in a state of harmony and health.

I believe we all have innate functioning capabilities of self healing and that my job as a healer and bodyworker is to help activate and facilitate this function in peoples body and mind.

I enjoy relaxing, meditating, and studying philosophy and natural healing, as well as cooking and gardening.

I am passionate about practicing and teaching natural health and living a happy fulfilling lifestyle alongside with my beautiful partner Robyn and our wonderful family.

My intention is to offer a gently enlightening, deeply relaxing and fulfilling healing experience to help you continue on your lifes journey.

Tashi Delek