Quantum Healing 

      & Spirit Rescue

Energy Medicine Healing Session

What happens during a session, depends entirely on what you need.  You may need deep relaxation for de-stressing, or you may need work done on your energy grid, your physical body, or your mind.   

Body & Mind Healing/Cell Trauma Release

Unpleasant experiences can become imprinted on our mind continuum and in our cell memory, creating powerful negative mental programs which play over and over (and accumulating if we don't effectively deal with them), interfering with achieving the happiness we constantly seek and goals we strive for.

Healing at a cellular level involves becoming aware of these deep memory imprints and trauma. This healing work allows the release of these deep memory imprints and trauma, so you can be released from the negative patterns they create in your life. 

Enhanced Personal Life Experience - Manifest Change & Create your Dreams

Our previous experiences and our belief systems directly relate to the life we live now, and this is directly related to our physical expression of body posture, movement (or lack of movement), body pain, illness and discomfort. Do we love our body? Do we move freely and effortlessly? Or are we uncomfortable and out of touch with it?

Beginning by observing our body and how this relates to how we live and what we manifest for ourselves (or don't manifest for ourselves), we can use gentle bodywork to start to bring our body into alignment with our highest aspirations, and as our body and our highest aspirational mind begin to align, what we are aspiring for, begins to manifest as our new reality, or paradigm on the physical plane. 

Body Energy Balancing - Deep Relaxation & Stress Release

This is a session focused on cleansing, de-stressing, harmonizing, and relaxing the body and mind.

Using a combination of intuitive on-and-off-the-body healing techniques, we cleanse the energy field and balance chakras, enhance the body's natural biorhythms, release deep tissue tension, and bring the body and mind into a state of harmony and balanced energy.  Pain can be released from the physical body, whether its headaches, joint pain or muscular pain.

I see a lot of clients with high pressure jobs or very busy lives who come for deep relaxation, de-stressing and even some good old fashioned TLC. Some come for healing of specific conditions, releasing of past traumas, or relief from pain in the body.  Whatever it is that you want to work on, three sessions is advisable as the first session tunes you into the energy so it can get you the full results of the following sessions.  

Wear loose clothing such as a track suit so you will be comfortable and enjoy!