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Robyn Goulder

      Clairvoyant & Psychic Medium 

           "Her readings are definitely unique and like no others" - David


To book a personal confidential Psychic Reading

Call me on 021 113 2354

I offer spiritual guidance which includes accurate private and confidential psychic medium readings,

Reiki healing sessions, and house and land blessings.

I teach incredibly profound and life changing Psychic Development courses with the Melchizedek Method which is extremely unique and will qualify you as a healing practitioner of the Melchizedek Method. 

This is a safe, nurturing environment for you to release yourself from the negative programmes that are running your life.

Through Past Life Therapy, I put you in a position where you can take your power

back based on the choices you make instead of the patterns that dictate your life to you.

It is not unusual for me to use Crystals for energy balancing, chakra balancing, clearing blocked

meridians, and more as I do what is needed for you. Everyone is unique in their own way so one way does not suit everybody.

I do what you need so your healing is effective.

If it's strange and it's happening to you, you can tell me, I am always here to help and

I will not judge you.

-Testimonial -

"...the same year I visited

Robyn again for another reading,

this time she channeled what our future house

would be. At that time

I did not believe that

we were capable of that

kind of house, but within two

years of the reading we bought

it exactly as it was

described and it was within

our attainable price!! - Nancy, Waiuku NZ

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The Melchizedek Method

Certified teacher of MM Levels 1 & 2, 3 & 4


Clairvoyant & Psychic Medium

Private & Confidential Appointments Available


Therapy for Mind, Body & Soul

Cellular Deprogramming, Nutrition & Balancing