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Robyn Goulder

      Clairvoyant & Psychic Medium 


At the age of 18 months old I found a plug that I absolutely had to plug into a wall. I wrapped my tiny hand around it touching all of the shiny sticks poking out of it and pushed it into the little holes, just like i'd seen mum do. I received one heck of a jolt, hit the wall on the other side of the room and lay there feeling like i had a concrete slab laying on top of me. It was as if time stopped. The five very tall people in white robes appeared and put their hands inside my small body and rewired each Chakra. When they finished they sat me up and one of them stayed with me and is still with me to this day. From that moment on I could see the unseen and hear the unheard. I often had frightening experiences growing up and always felt as if I was between two worlds. Like I had a foot in each.

On my 20th birthday I had my first reading, and the lovely strange lady told me there was nothing wrong with me and that I was perfectly Ok! Once I got over the sheer shock of someone calling me normal, I started doing courses, and finding ways to understand these things I could do and why I could do them. I had never heard of mediums or psychics, and suddenly there were others like me and we had a job description!

I began teaching and doing readings as my knowledge grew. I would tell my friends about the courses I was doing, and what was in store for them and they were very interested. We’d all get together on certain nights and practice Transfiguration and Psychometry, and talk about Chakras, Healing and who knows what. If they wanted to know something I studied up, and taught it to them. We had,and still have a lot of fun.

I spent a few years at the New Zealand School of Philosophy, traveled to England and had a teacher who was a Druid. I learned some incredible knowledge from him. I studied the Eastern texts, Anthropology, Philosophy of the Masters, the American Indian beliefs (Denise Lynn being one of my favorite teachers to this day), and I discovered a whole new world about energy and how to manipulate it from a Professor of Physics, which was quite profound, and I still use his techniques today. I have a scientific mind, and cannot do airy fairy for the life of me. 

In 1999 I was introduced to the Melchizedek Method and my life changed. It was an amazing process of learning that allowed me to be fully protected and able to handle many different aspects of my psychic work with great success. “Phew!” I am a results person and believe that the only thing that truly matters is ‘results’. I help any person of any religion or belief system if they ask me for it, and the end result is what counts.

I have spent many years teaching classes in metaphysics, philosophy, the Melchizedek Method and doing many different aspects of psychic work with an uncanny knack to just know what to do. There is a belief around, that only one psychic sense is operating at a time. This in my experience is not in any way true unless you believe it, therefore your experience will reflect it, and so it shall manifest. 

The Melchizedek Method was so profound for me that I had to become a teacher, so others could have this technology and use these tools to be well protected while developing their intuition. You don’t need to be a practicing psychic to get untold benefit and insight from this knowledge as each and every one of us is very psychic. But if you are then all I can say is “Hang onto your hat, you’re in for a hell of a ride!”

I became a therapist because of the many times I had to hang on to my sanity during this life. I decided that instead of getting therapy I would do the courses to get the nuts and bolts of it all, and really understand it. I learnt out how the mind actually functions, so i could find where I fitted into this reality, with who I am. I found that mainstream therapies did not interest me, so i decided to learn many different alternative therapy techniques. This is because we are all different, so different techniques work well on different people. Then to integrate mind, body, and soul made sense.

In 2014 I was introduced to the very powerful healing modality of Reiki. It is quite profound how it so naturally flows. Then to really step it up, I completed the Holy Fire Reiki course, which is a force within itself. The healing experience is very strong and easily felt. Results are phenomenal.

I have moved into Ancient Yogi teachings which I incorporate into my work also. The cleansing ceremonies shift any negative energy straight away. It's gone. Anything negative runs from it. It has opened me up to yet another level of psychic work I never knew existed. I feel so privileged and so excited to live in this life with all of the things I have practiced and achieved, and look forward to sharing and helping anyone who wants to live an adventure.    

Have a look on my services page for more detail on all of what I offer, and I look forward to working with you when you are ready.   

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