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I spent the firt 30 years of my life being told "Put a protection bubble around you, Use the light to protect yourself.  Use an  invisible cloak and wrap it around yourself".......... and so much more.  None of it worked.  I was attacked constantly.  If I went out around people smoking pot or whatever else they may have been on, I would see entities attached to them and the entities would spot me looking at them and attack me incase i got them first,  That was a pretty regular occurance.  I would imagine a cloak protecting me, and a light bubble around me, and I could see them coming for me so I would leave where ever I was beause I could not protect myself.  That stuff did not work.   I stopped going to parties to cure that problem in the end.   This is before the MM.  After the MM I could totally protect myself so was fine.  Big difference.  I would hologram myself and they would come right up to my face and could not touch me.  some i would get rid of if they were particularly nasty but  I tend to not take entities off people who are regular drug users because the next time they use, another entitiy or more will attach.  So what's the point.    If I am guaranteed the using will stop then I will do it, but only once. 

Drugs are used in our society with complete disprespect to our minds, and have been set up on purpose by those that run this planet to put population into a trance state which makes us easy to control though fear.  Recreational drugs are what I am obviously talking about, and anyone that says they can handle it, are in a disempowered illusion.  If you need to escape your reality that way, then work out why and sort it.  Make your reality a good one to be in.  There is always choice and a way out, but you have to find it, and go for it.  

Drugs blow open your Chakras so anything can attach, and you have absolutely no control at all.  I do mean at all!!!  Instant access is granted to the unseen to use you how they wish.  It is an open invitation.  A really simple way to undersand this, is in science.  We are billions of atoms moving at a speed that allows us to appear solid.  Tiny shifts in that speed (I call frequency) can cause dis-ease in the body (when they slow) or good health in the body (when they are fast).  When you are healthy you are at a high frequency (fast moving).  You feel great, have energy, are positive in thoughts and life is good.  Negative entities cannot attach.  When you eat crap, take drugs, and don't look after yourself, your frequency is slow and negative entities can attach because you match their frequency so its party time for them.  They plug into your chakras, they can live in your aura sucking energy from you and feed off your energy.  They can play with your emotional states and cause kaos with your life.  It's not a bad idea to get checked out for this type of thing before using anti-depressants and thinking you have a mental illness.  Come accross it a lot. 

What can attach are angry dead people, Lower Astral entities (some from around here and some not), ET's (see through off worlders), and ofcourse easy access from those here who control us through the mind control machine using the fourth dimension to put what ever thoughts or fears they want into your heads.  Why make is so easy for them?  I have soooooo many people through my office with all sort of weird shit on them, because of drugs.  P is absolutely shocking.  It opens doors to places that I wont even talk about, and it let's into this reality the most unbelievable, nasty critters you can imagine.  The hauntings are pue evil and I do not believe in Evil.  I have had a lot of people who have been turned away from other psychics because they are too scared to touch them.  My advice is to give up the bad habits and you create your own reality the way you want it to be.   And don't sit there reading this saying I can't change my life.   Yes you can.  Find a way.  There is always a way out.  Always.

Blessings to all.



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Today Nigel, Will and I (Nigel my partner and his totally stunning son Will) went to One Tree Hill to the Kids day at the Stardome. We sat down and got our seats for the planetarium show. As I sat there a little old lady with a walking stick shuffled in so I got up and helped her to sit down and get comfy. She said to me "oooh thank you dear, I'm 92 years old and I feel like the end has come!" Just like that.

I said "I am actually a Clairvoyant Psychic and I can tell you there's no such thing. Only your body will switch off as you disconnect from it and then you'll be going anywhere you like and doing what ever you like.  You'll be in for a nice surprise!"   She looked me straight in the eye and said "I was obviously meant to meet you." I said "obviously" and went on to explain what would happen to her when she detached from her body, where she could go, what she could do, who would do the meet and greet, and the party involved.

She had a grin on her face from ear to ear and said "Thank you very much, that was exactly what I needed!" We watched the show which was totally awesome and gave me motion sickness (I had to close my eyes for most of it), and afterwards I helped her up and she went on her way with a spring in her shuffle and a glint in her eye.

Awesome day!!

The Power of Thought

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This is not one of those lovely, fluffy, spiritual stories where the heavens open and the rays of light shine down, and the angels sing.......


This is the very first time I discovered the power of thought.


As a child my hands were covered in warts. They were gross. We are talking single one's, cluster's of 7 or eight all in one spot, big ones, tiny ones, medium sized ones, and on last count more than seventy. They were only on the palm's, the inside's of the fingers and thumb, and on the side's, but nothing on the tops.


Back in the day I never got bullied or anything, in fact none of my friends really noticed, but I certainly did. Maraetai school at the time had about 80 students and four five classrooms all up, from 5years old up to intermediate.


I got a bit worried about going to college the following year with my hands like this and it was already December so I needed to do something fast! I had a chat to my Dad. He said "When I was your age I had exactly the same thing. What I did was every morning and every night I looked at my hands and spoke to my warts and told them they were not welcome on my hands or anywhere on me and had to go back to where they came from which was nowhere!"


I thought WOW! Sounds like a go!


He then said "Tell them they are not a part of you and have no choice but to go, and have to be gone back to their place of origin before school starts in Februrary. Then sit and imagine and really feel as if they are no longer on your hands."


That day I started and every morning and every night I talked to the little suckers and was firm and demanded they go, and imagined my hands free of warts and felt the relief of them not being there. Boy did I have the desire! I went through christmas, even christmas morning I was telling off my warts, kept it up every day and night, we went camping and still I kept it up, I was determined.


Then one day I remember so clearly........it was a week before college started......I looked down at my hands to tell off those little invaders......and as if by magic........they were gone. Not one. Not even a trace. Not a mark, not a lump, nothing. I showed my dad and he was chuffed!


So without any of the horrible creams or the lovely burning off process - NOT - at 12 years old I achieved something that I thought was pretty cool and a great relief before starting college. Pat on the back for Dad!!