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Wednedsay, and a lovely day it is!

Posted on 5 November, 2013 at 21:50

So tell me..... what are you interested in? What do you want to know about? I have to admit that I have a teaching additction as it's all fine and dandy to go and do the job for someone, but what happens when I am not there? Not exactly empowering is it? The best way to stand in your power is with knowledge. But remember, "the Fool gathers knowledge, and the Master(wise man/woman) uses the knowledge" so which are you? We didn't all come back to be psychic you know, and that is very cool. 'Its very cool when the Fool passes the knowledge to the Master too. So is he a fool really? Maybe if his ego won't allow him to share the knowledge, he might be. We are all - each and every one of us - teachers and students, in every aspect of our lives.


As a kid I got my but kicked many times by the unseen so I had to become the latter of the two. Still learning though and always be. I'm not overly keen on the word master, as I have met a lot of people in my time that demand to be called 'Master' and I feel that this should include mastering their egos as they often are quite large. I'm told "it's a sign of respect". That is something that is earned, not demanded of. Just saying.


To me the Master is someone who takes stock of his/her fear and jumps in boots and all and and gives it their best shot. Gotta respect that, especially in this line of work. I meet freaked out people constantly and with a bit of knowledge they step up to the plate. Can only be proud.


It has been my experience so far that nothing is set in concrete. I've had the rules changed on me many times. Just when u think "Yes!!! I've worked it out.........it's all blown out of the water and your left with your head spinning thinking "WTF was that??" An example would be, I'm at a workshop with a very knowledgable psychic who makes the statement that when you chanel, the good guys only enter through the back of your neck (throat chakra). We ask "only the good guys?" and he says "yes, only the good guys!"


So its a sunny Sunday afternoon, late 80's, and I'm driving along Murphys Bush Road in my litle black 1965 Hillman Minx with its awesome red leather upholstery. I'm feelin great and all of a sudden my left arm goes numb and weak and there is a hot burning sensation at the back of my neck. I can feel pressure like something trying to force its way into my body. Very weird, but not the first time! I'm thinking this is definately not right! I pull over, get out of my car and do what I can only call an Irish Jig at the side of the road in an attempt to shake the sucker out of me. I use my imagination and fill my body with water like energy and force it back out.


To my relief it worked and so a new belief was formulated. I would nevery set anything in concrete again and would take everything as ideas, and ideas only. It's the best way to stay adaptable and not be suprised by anything. I have many experiences I will share with you but you will have to get your own and find what works for you. I say 'Try everything until something works and don't give up, ever!'


Time for some ACDC!


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