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Thursday and the ducks are happy!

Posted on 6 November, 2013 at 22:30

What a lovely rainy day it's been!  Great for my garden and the ducks.

I was thinking about yesterdays entry and although there are things which I have blocked out of my conscious mind, I can clearly remember the very first time I absolutely knew I was not my body.  I was six years old, and I had just got into bed and had not even closed my eyes, when a man that looked like an old time Sailor with long dark messy hair, and a large coat, and long boots, came out of the corner of my room.  He put his face up to mine so I was looking into his eyes and they were scary tormented light blue eyes.   I could see a raging storm in them.  So then the lovely chap went right through me and pushed me out of my body.  Now that was weird!!  I went out of my body seeing the inside of my mattress and went down on an angle because I was still attached at my heels.  I pinged back in and was petrified solid for about five minutes.  When I dared to move all was clear and I hid under the blankets and went to sleep.  

Having a curious nature I assessed the situation as any six year old would. I decided that Mum needed to cuddle me to sleep every night and that if I could leave my body and come back in then clearly I was not my body, and amazingly my body was still fine too!  I had quite a few try and push me out and take my body over the years until I did the Melchizedek Method.  I had one have a go after Level one and it was interesting.  I was asleep in bed and my little boy was asleep beside me.  I zoomed out of my body and stood by my bed, looked at my body and my son asleep, and saw a silver human shaped thing at the end of my bed.  It was laughing saying "your body will be mine!"  I looked at it and said "your wasting my time, it's mine, you can't have it so buggar off!"  After only a couple of minutes it went and I have never had another one.  

On assessing the situation the next morning (as I do), I realised that I had absolutely no fear at all, anywhere in my body or mind at the time, so that lesson was finally achieved.  The Melchezedek Method finally gave me the upper hand. For the first time in my life I had control.

Even though these experiences and many others may have been terrifying at the time, when I look back I see training.  Hard training, that was definately sink or swim - and I sank plenty - but it was good prep for what I do now.  Yay for the choices we make before we come here!!!

I do believe feel some Led Zeppelin coming on.........

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