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Who sat on your bed last night?

Posted on 10 November, 2013 at 15:00

Good morning!! I hope everyone had a great weekend, I certainly did! Thank you to everyone who has sent me messages. I love hearing from you guys, and I love a great ghost story.


It has been my experience thus far, that when your guides and passed family members and friends come to visit you, that they often sit on your bed and send you loving energy and can even have a conversation with you. They can actually send messages to you while you are in a lucid state. If you wake up and know that someone is there then always put up your protection and check the time. The time can be very relevant as this whole reality is based on mathematical equations. Double digits are common such as 12:12 (as with one message I received from a lovely lady), or master numbers such as 11:11, 4:22, or 3:33 etc. The sacred scribe angel numbers site is great for explanations on numbers. Look up any repeating numbers you see, which could be on car number plates, clocks, TV, posters....... anywhere. There is a message for you.

Always put up protection as only the high frequency ones (the good ones) will stay once you have done it. If you are not a Melchizedek then you can still have a look at the hologram of love and imagine you are inside it while it spins around you. No particular direction, and full permission to use your imagination. The keys to doing any of this stuff is in your imagination. Developing your psychic centers and getting control of what is already switched on is all about your imagination.


When we are kids we are told to get our feet on the ground, get your head out of the clouds, you’re a dreamer (like that’s a bad thing???), etc. How many of you do this to your kids now? This blocks us from our intuition and makes us easier to control through fear. Knowledge is defense. So damn well use it!


No matter how good, safe or comfortable you feel, use protection. I use mine constantly. Some of the not so nice ones can pretend to be your dearly departed relative or friend and suck you in so they can plug into you or worse. They can be tricky. As this is our realm (we are in the phystical reality and in the physcial form) we have the power. Through tormenting and scaring us they take away our power and can plug it our chakra system and other body systems. Simply put they can mess with our heads and manipulate our emotions. You can demand they leave and have no power over you, and they do have to go. The trick is standing your ground.


Fear is not a bad thing. I use it to gauge the amount of work I'll need to do. If I turn up somewhere and have a big hit of fear then I know i'll have to focus and be careful working it out, then the fear is gone. Often politics and contracts come into the more intense jobs, so one must tread carefully as some of these off world entities can often have large egos and over inflated self importance.   In these situations I leave my ego at home. It's not a competition. Just take care of business.


A lot of the time when these so called negative ghosts are around, they are simply seeking help. Imagine suddenly not being seen or heard by anyone, and you can't remember what happend or how you got there. That's some scary shit going on. Wouldn't you get frustrated and maybe eventually angry once the fear had passed? You as a person in a physical form may feel their anger or fear and freak out thinking there is an evil spirit around. They need help.  More on that later!


Please keep the messages coming in so I can talk about stuff you want to know about.


Right, now its time to fight gravity so I'm off to the gym!!


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