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Energy Octopus

Posted on 17 November, 2013 at 10:35

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. It was my little brothers birthday gathering last night and what a lovely night it was! I am completely confidant that there will be a few hangovers today. Talking about sore heads, there is an interesting and commonly used technique that can make your head very sore. It is used by nasty people and entities alike for harassment, energy harvesting, information extraction, to pull out the spine and neck, ownership and a variety of other things.


My very first experience of it came from a person, who was a seventh level black ninja with a large ego, no integrity and a selfish personal agenda. After I had met him, I had been teaching one night when I saw the shadow of a person in my lounge. I watched it move two steps forward and one step back. Two steps forward, then one step back. It moved across my lounge and it just stood there. I looked into my kitchen and saw a group of the White Brotherhood standing there, so I knew something was up. Love those guys!!!!


When I questioned it, it made the same movements and left as I held my door open. The next day I called ninja boy and asked him if he knew anything about it. He freaked and demanded to know who I was and that I could only see that if I was trained to see that, and bla,bla,bla until he asked me if I would join this temple and become a mysitc. Not a chance. I told him to cut the crap. I didn’t need training to see what I can see. He said that’s how they become invisible. They can fog your mind and move in a certain way so that the physical eye cannot perceive them. Sneaky little buggars. These are actual real people, not spirits.


So next we are sitting having a conversation where I refuse to teach him my philosophy because his ego would twist it into something not right to serve his own egotistical purposes........ and off he goes.


Then at three in the morning there is a knock at my door and it is him claiming to have lost his house keys and not wanting to wake up his flat mate. So I let him in, knowing he was up to something, and was curious to see what it was. Well..... we are having a cup of something, when I feel a sensation in my head like someone pouring warm water into it. I asked him what he was doing and he was shocked and said “Nothing” and tried to make small talk. I waited and when he finished he jumped up and said he had to go, and he left. Not obvious at all!!??


The next evening I was teaching, when all of a sudden I had a profound vision of fighting and it was as if I was in his body, looking through his eyes while he was training. I bounced back pretty fast and looked at my very good friend who noticed something was afoot, and she launched in with a distraction for me. I disconnected from him using my Level 2 Orbital Hologram and after everyone had left I sat down, focused, and scanned my body to see a lovely looking ball of energy above my head undulating in all of its glory.  It had tentacle’s made of energy around 3cm in diameter which wrapped around and plugged into my upper chakras. A real charmer.


At this point I had done up to Level 2 Melchizedek Method so I thought intended an Orbital Hologram around it and spun the sucker at infinity times god speed on my head. It took about 30 very uncomfortable seconds and it dislodged the tentacles and flew off hitting the ground then it disappeared. Fascinating. It then felt like I had a large hole in my head so I used another hologram to spin and fill the hole once again with energy to balance my third eye. What a ride!


His intention was information extraction, and I gave him some of the basic stuff in the hope that it might actually help him.


So that was over ten years ago, and since then I have seen them used a lot. I recently saw a huge energy ball above a house and each tentacle was about a foot round and plugged into the torso of every family member. That required a large hologram, one we call the Super Power Ball. It was not from a person here, it was an entity situation.  

Don't go freaking out thinking OMG is their one on me!!!!!????  Odds are there isn't.  It only happens to some people.  


So commonly used by anyone or anything that knows how. You have no idea they are there and all too often because of societies ideals we say, it was weird quick drug me!!! Think about it. I’m just sayin.


Right I have just got a larger desk and my office looks like a bomb has hit it. I can feel some Creedence coming on.....


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