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Entity Removals

Posted on 12 December, 2013 at 17:05

Hi how’s your week been? Mine has been awesome, can’t complain. I have a technique for the Melchezedek’s to use when it is called for.


This is for doing Entity/Spirit removals on people. First put your protection up and drop your ego. Call in the big guys if you feel you need to - don’t be a hero. I generally don’t, unless I find myself in the crap. Then its “Right, you lot get your buts down here and show me what to do!!!”


Sit the person down, tell them that if they feel any fear or negative emotions it is 'not' theirs.

Then put two orbitals, or two powerballs, or two super powerballs around the person (whatever your level is). You might say “I now command two super power balls to go around Joe and attached entities , nothing in and nothing out, thought intent activate” (puff). Then Joe might panic a bit because the entities will realise that they are in it up to their necks with such a high frequency tool.


Then you say “Super power balls spin infinity time’s god speed, unplug Joe from the entities, thought intent activate” (puff). At this point command the power balls to separate - one containing Joe and the other has the entities/entity in it.   When they are completely separate, have a chat with them, flick it straight up to the God source or over to the astral if they are just needing help.  And remember to thought intend (puff) every command.  The Holograms need to know what to do.


I usually have a conversation with whoever is attached incase they need help, or there is somewhere specific they should go.  I'll go into that conversation in my next blog.


If anger is involved then work out if the entities/disembodied spirit’s negative emotion is coming from fear, talk to them and help them understand that they need to go. Make sure it is not your own fear you are responding to, if you ‘are’ picking up anger from the entity. If they are completely unreasonable then up to the god source is a good place for them. Your call.


NEVER CHALLENGE ANY ENTITY, AT ALL, AT ANYTIME, NO MATTER WHAT, NO EXCUSES!!! If you do..... they’ve got ya. Your screwed. Only EVER take care of business and go home. Be wise. Simple really...... leave your ego outside the door and pick it up on the way out. Need I say any more? Have you got it? Humble pie, baby..... humble pie!!

If "you" go into anger, they have got you.  Don't let them take your heart.


Do not let your ego interfere and get nasty to them. Be more like a parent sorting out a naughty child in a responsible calm way. Like a mature person up would. A lot of parents yell at their kids and act like kids back. Then they wonder why their kids repeat the behaviour. Hmmm...


So then check out Joe and make sure he is balanced and feeling OK. If Joe takes drugs or is a heavy drinker then there is of course a very good chance of new attachments will reattach the next time he is off his face, so prepare for another call from Joe at some stage soon.


If Joe does not touch drugs, is not a heavy drinker, but is very psychic and has no clue how to handle it, then I will teach Joe how to protect himself and explain a few things to him so he can sort it himself next time, or have a dam good go. I do believe in independence. I have anyone’s back as long as they are helping themselves.


Enjoy the lovely weather, I have been in my garden between clients today and I think I will watch ‘The Peaceful Warrior’ again. It’s been a while.


Talk soon!!


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