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Posted on 19 March, 2014 at 4:40


Well its 4am, lovely and calm, no traffic hum, and all I can hear are the cicadas and the crickets while I drink my yummy peppermint tea. 

This is a fun technique I teach to all of my students.  When I learnt it many years ago it was called Transfiguration but is not what you will find on any search engine.  I know... I had a look.  It is really safe to do and is just a basic and fun exercise.  Remember to let your imagination go and relax into it.

It is used to go back into past lives and is really easy to achieve.  Even those with a belief of not being at all psychic get blown out of the water with this one.  It is really great for developing your psychic centers.

So, with this technique you will need a partner to sit opposite.  Put your protection up around you.  Touch knees to connect physically and imagine a white ball of light in your heart.  Send a shaft of light to your partner and direct it into their heart which will automatically plug into their past life filing system. 

Stare into the right eye of your partner (window to the soul) and their face will start to blur out and change.  This is looking with eyes open and the change is physically in front of you.  Take your time as this is not a fast technique. When you first do this you may see nothing and start laughing hysterically.  A common side effect.  Or you might blur out and see a large mans ear on the side of your tiny girlfriends head, or the eye only might change.  Practice will increase the vision range/change.  If you get a fright, that’s fine and quite common, so just refocus and do it again.  Anytime you loose focus just start again.

Eventually your partners face will morph completely into another face and can be either male or female remembering that the physical body can be either in whatever life time.  What you are seeing is who this person has been to you in a past life. 

Sometimes the faces will change quickly and you’ll get a lot of them flashing past, so ask to slow it down and be shown a face that has some significance to this life time for either you or them.

Then close your eyes, imagine this face and them standing in front of you.  Come to a calm space and start asking questions.  Any questions.  What year is this?  Are they mother, father, sister, brother, partner, friend or foe?  Is there a message for this person?  What country is this? And anything you like. 

Remember that your mind loves to stop you from doing anything new and out of your comfort zones, or what may challenge your already formed belief systems.  Laughing is a diversion, as is watering eyes, blinking, sometimes burning eyes, anger, itchy nose, doubt, and whatever your mind can use to stop you.  Just relax and have fun.  You will need to practice it to perfect it.  No quick fixes here baby!  Let me know how you get on or if you have any questions!  Go hard!!

Time for paperwork and I think I feel some Linkin Park coming on........quietly ofcourse......Enjoy!

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