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Posted on 27 March, 2014 at 19:15

Hi Guys

Thanks for all of the feedback about the Transfiguration Technique.  The hysterical laughing side effect does make it a lot fun and helps it flow when you can control yourself and refocus.  When you are doing this type of work it is very important to bring yourself to a calm space, relax and think of something that makes you feel really good.  This will put you into a high frequency so it is easy to plug into the energy of what you wish to achieve.


Get a clear picture in your mind of what you are doing and then just relax and let it flow.  Psychometry is another really good way to get your psychic centres running well as long as you have your own protection around you and make sure that when you finish you disconnect properly and rebalance yourself.  A while back I did a reading for someone and two people came through that had died of head injuries.  That's a two for one big time!  Part of the healing work I do is that the dearly departed release onto me any left over residue from when they die.  This releases them from anything they are hanging onto so they can get on with it.  Fine with me.  I've got it so I do it. 

Anyway, so they both released onto me and the next day I was in hospital with a suspected brain problem and they found nothing and I went home.  I thought I had got it all.  Yay for the good old double check! 

So with psychometry you put up your protection and hold a piece of jewellery or something that contains the persons energy.  Something sitting on a shelf in the wash house will not make the grade.  Take your item of choice and hold it in your hand.  Imagine it sinking into your hand, and then feel it as though it is a part of you.  It will feel as if you are holding nothing after a short time.  Then just as you may feel your tummy gurgling or your feet inside your shoe, focus on what your hand feels like, then relax and let the energy travel up your arm and into your body and feel the emotions and look at any images that are presented to you.  My students practice this every lesson to learn to develop and trust their intuition. 

Be patient and have fun with it.  Anything fun is more easily learnt.  Anger and frustration are low frequency emotions and will only make it harder for you to achieve your goals.  When you have finished and need to disconnect from the person I have a lovely technique that works really well where you put a flat sheet of white light above your head (about 4 meters round) and slowly pull it down over your head and down your body until it is about three feet below the floor - or your feet if you are sitting or lying.  Then pull it back up slowly, then go side to side. 

For those who are visual you will see it stop and go up and down on certain areas then move on, and this is because it is cleansing your aura, meridians,  chakras and anything else that can be cleansed.  For those who feel, it can be quite tingly.  You will be disconnected from anyone living or not, and you will retain your own energy as you should.  Use it anytime you feel someone or something has plugged into you, or if you feel tired and sick.

Melchizedeks can have fun with this too and ofcourse spin your holograms to disconnect, recharge, and cleanse past, present, and parents.

Have Fun!!

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