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Entity Attachment

Posted on 5 May, 2014 at 18:20

Hey-ho howz it all going? 

I feel the need to talk about entities that trick us into trusting them when they are not from the place they say they are from.  I get a number of clients that have entity attachments that have started out nice and fluffy, and eventually turn to custard.

What you absolutely must do is throw in some good old fashioned logic.  If it feels heavy or appears dark to your eyes or mind, then don’t believe it. If there is any question, or no question at all, still check.  They are master manipulators, and can even pretend to be someone you know/trusted when they were alive. 

You must always put your protection around you no matter what, and always state “I will receive only entities of the highest frequency!”  Remember that this is your realm, and you have the power.  They can scare you to try to achieve submission or they can lull you into a false sense of security and suck you in that way.   Stand your ground and they have no choice.  Never give in to fear.  Fear is a choice only.  And for goodness sake DO NOT challenge them!  When you do that, they’ve got ya. 

I had a call from a wife, who woke up to her husband yelling in his sleep at something.  This lady is quite psychic and could see an entity in the room.  She was not happy!  He had been out somewhere that day, come across this entity who was a rat bag, his ego did the testosterone dance, and when the entity challenged him, he challenged back.  This thing then attached itself to one of his chakras, and he was being fed off.  It is not rocket science.  He knew better as he is very psychic himself, and has done this before.  Time to be the grown up, and stop acting like a child. 

My son got me out of bed at 12:15 on a Friday night about three weeks ago to say that a warlock was floating above him when he woke up, it was doing something to him.  It stayed for about ten seconds then went through the wall.  He said it looked like he did not expect him to wake up.  I asked him if he felt frightened or uncomfortable with this entity floating there.  (I go straight into teacher mode to make him focus and snap out of the fear).  He said it did not feel too bad, just gave him a fright and freaked him out a bit.  He used his super power balls (MM Level 4 tools), to put up his protection and ran up to me.  Definitely well done!

He said it was quite cool, so I gave him a lecture on how very uncool it was and that we do not want warlocks near us.  Warlocks are ‘definitely’ of the lower frequency variety and a few people in the last six months have come to me with this type of specific entity around them. 

I have always made my kids deal with what they see, so they can handle themselves if I am not around.  As a baby my son always had ghost children playing with him to the point that I would have to ask them to leave his room so he could go to sleep.  They were quite lovely and only ever nice. 

At eleven he had a man that would heavy breathe in his ear when he went to bed, and I instructed him on how to help the man and get him over, and he did an excellent job.   Over the years there have been all sorts of situations that he has done well in.  You have to be chilled to live in my house.  I recently had an ornament that kept turning around by itself that freaked out my daughter, so I had to put it into the china cabinet.  I was most amused, she was not impressed!

I have some friends who have passed away over the years and they do silly things to have me on, and have a laugh, when they pop in to say hi.  All in good fun!

Anyway, I’m starving, so have fun and be wise!!!!!  I dare you!!!!

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