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Magical Pumpkins!

Posted on 22 January, 2015 at 13:05

Happy New Year and I hope all is well! If it not then I hope you rise to your challenges so you can move on from them and create what you want instead of what your habits dictate in your life!


I had such an interesting year last year. Even for all of the non-physical experiences I have had my whole life, I am still a huge skeptic on a lot of things until I have some sort of proof. I am not the best at believing just anything because someone said so.


Magic is what I am learning about now. Never really bothered with it and new I have had past lives of using it but wasn’t that interested. I don’t consider psychic work magic.


I was sitting at my computer about 7 months ago, when I zoned out, and had a vision. Energy came up from the ground, down from the sky, and from all around me. It came into my body and I used my hands to direct it and my mind to send it to where it needed to go.


I flashed back in and felt it really strongly in my body, grabbed a pen and paper and wrote it down. (I have a life time of bits of paper every where in my cupboards, files, draws, and even in my car!) So they gave me undeniable proof. Very buzzy!!


I read a couple of books by Scott Cunningham which were good reading. Very sensible. Then only a couple of weeks ago I was out in my garden and noticed that every baby pumpkin on my plant was rotting off and dying. I’m talking heaps and every single one rotting off. I felt frustrated so I kneeled down and put my hands over the base of the plant by the roots, and said “come on you lot up there give me something to help this awesome plant grow its crop.”


Then without even thinking some weird words came out of my mouth. I repeated them three times and I felt a massive rush of energy come into my body and go through my hands,directly into the roots of the plants. I was buzzing with very peaceful and calm energy. I then rushed inside and wrote it down on a piece of paper.


I let it go and carried on as usual. I am afraid that I do everything fast. My life is really busy and I don’t stop. I even wake up all hours of the night and check on people and jobs I’m doing. As I watered my garden over the next few days I did not notice anything different at all. (Not very present was I?!)


Six days later an excited voice in my head told me to go and check the pumpkin plant. I went outside to my garden, opened the gate, and walked to the other end where my pumpkin plant lives. As I got closer I noticed a big pumpkin about the size of a rock melon and I counted another five all different sizes. I nearly fell over! I yelled out to my daughter to come and have a look, and she couldn’t believe it! I made sure I had a witness because I still am a bit skeptical.


I just now yelled out to my daughter (12 years old) and my niece (11 years old)who has come to play, we went out to the garden and had a look and to our utter surprise there are three larger than a rugby ball and we counted another 3 that are smaller but growing. I have not used any plant food, compost or anything and I water at the roots every second morning. My niece immediately chose her pumpkin and was most impressed. So cute!!


My assessment at this point is that for six weeks I had nothing but rotting baby pumpkins. Very frustrating. I chant over the base of the plant and 6 days later I have pumpkins growing. Two weeks later they are huge and still more babies are growing. Could be coincidence. I have grown pumpkins before, but never this fast. I could be crazy, we shall see!


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