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Posted on 26 February, 2015 at 5:40

This experience happened back in 1999 when I did The Melchizedek Method Level One for the second time.  This is before levels one and two were combined into one course.  I arrive happy and excited, find myself a spot and get ready! 

The first meditation starts (Activating your Chakras with the Natural Time Encoding of 13:20:33 with the Triple Hologram of Love ) and as I close my eyes, all I can see is that I am sitting on a chair with a Flower of Life Hologram around me, as if I am in a chamber. I can hear the words of the meditation but cannot do what Alton was saying. I literally just sit in a chair waiting. I am quite bored and wonder what the heck I’m waiting for.


We have a break and a chat and move onto the next meditation. The Three Breath Triple Hologram of Love Merkaba Technique. Again I close my eyes and all I can see are the walls of the Hologram which is now slowly spinning. The wooden chair I am sitting on, is the sort you would sit on in a waiting room.


All of a sudden a young man abruptly walks through a door that appears out of nowhere. He is wearing a very nice grey designer suit with a white shirt and is clearly very organised and in a hurry. He walks over to me, shakes my hand, looks me straight in the eye and says “Welcome, they won’t be long so just try to relax”.


I try to speak to ask who are “they” and see me after “what” but as soon as he finishes talking he turns straight around and goes back out the door and it’s just me and my chair again. Now Im thinking - what the?!!!!


So that meditation finishes and we move on with the workbook and the next meditation which is Accessing the Time Space Continuum with the Individual Spheres of the Hologram of Love. We begin the meditation and I close my eyes and I’m still in my chair waiting. A door appears on the right-hand side of the Hologram (I’ll call the IN door) and a man walks through followed by five Monks swinging incense pots on the end of a chain, with smoke coming out of each of them. My chair zooms into the middle of the Hologram and they walk around me chanting and swinging the incense. It’s all very nice and comfortable and I sit and watch for the duration of the meditation.


We move onto the next meditation - Activating the Pineal through the Eye of Horus with the Original Ancient and Sacred Languages of Egyptian, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Tibetan and Chinese. I close my eyes and I am still in my chair and the Monks are still walking around me. Then a door appears on the opposite side of the hologram (the OUT door) and as they walk out through it and I am suddenly laying on a table.


Three different Monks come in with my first five Monks, again swinging their incense and chanting walking around the table in a circle. I can feel the energy start to increase at this point and get a bit hot. In walk two men in suits to assess the situation and check me (no one is telling me anything) and out they go again. Monks are still walking around me and I’m feeling a bit woozy now.


The meditation ends and I sit up and we have a break. I am feeling quite strange as if reality is starting to shift, and make a big effort to appear normal to the rest of the class.


The next meditation is the Receiving of the Ankh and the Halls of Amenti meditation. I’m nice and comfy and low and behold I’m finally doing the meditation. I’m thinking ‘great’ they have finished, I can finally meditate! In I go through those huge doors, and im walking around the gardens of the Karmic Lords getting ready to meet them and have a chat. I look over to my right and see three tables. One has two of the Karmic Lords sitting staring at me, then there is a smaller raised table right beside that in the middle with one lord sitting there, and another beside that one lower down with another two Lords. They all look very nice and gentle but have a firm look on their faces as if they are on a mission. The one higher up in the middle is smiling and calls me over and I stand in front of them feeling quite excited and rather good. An empty bowl appears on the table of the 1st Lord to my left and he hands it to me. It is small and wooden and looks handmade from a tree branch. He then has another bowl which contains what looks like black syrup. He has a very long teaspoon with a hooked end on it which he dips into the black syrup and offers it to me. I hold out my bowl and he puts 1tsp worth into my bowl. Each one does the same as I move on down the line. I’m looking at this stuff thinking, don’t tell me they want me to drink it??!!


I stand back and the middle Lord lifts his had to his mouth for me to drink it. I look at it and think is he kidding? I have to actually drink this? Really? So I put it to my mouth and drink it down. It is not pleasant. It is like drinking slime. All of a sudden I zoom back and they all disappear. I drop the cup and look down to see a huge snakes body coiled around my feet. I’m talking massive. I feel some definite panic coming on as I look up following the body to see six small Chinese dragons heads attached to it, one above the other, and one massive head about the size of my house at the very top swaying back and forth. It is staring right at me like its going to eat me for lunch. I can feel myself going into a trance like state as I watch this thing swaying and moving.


Then all of a sudden like lightening this dragon-snake fly’s around me and goes down through my Crown Chakra, coming out of my Base Chakra. It spins around and shoots back up my Base Chakra and out of my Crown and it is gone. It is split second and im standing there going “what just happened??” Then a pink back pack appears on my back and I am suddenly back in the garden standing there, looking around, trying to get my bearings. I spend the rest of the meditation sitting under a tree feeling very weird.


The meditation ends and I am sitting up feeling quite out of it when start to feel sick, and know I have to get outside fast. I run for the door to the deck and it is stuck, so im beginning to panic and at this stage I’m also feeling very dizzy and very strange. Another student jumps up and opens it for me. I run outside and rip off my shoes and socks and put my feet on the Earth. It takes me about ten minutes to re balance myself, get my breath back and calm down.


The rest of the course was fantastic. Psychically speaking everything was stepped up a quite a few notches and it was awesome. It definitely changed my perception on reality as I could see a lot more through the 3D veil, and got introduced to some new teachers in spirit.

More detail and explanation will be in my book as this is already quite long. 

Have a great day and I shall now start mine with some Led Zeplin and lovely cup of lemon balm tea.


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