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Entity Attacks

Posted on 1 March, 2015 at 9:50


This is a young man who is having some pretty nasty entity problems. I decided to put this on my blog so everyone can use theses Melchizedek techniques because they work. You can claim back your power. We are in the physical body on this physical Earth and we DOOOOO have the power. They like to make us think we don't. These nasty blighters use our own fear to control us. You can definitely demand they leave, but be careful doing that as you may make them or it, someone else’s problem. That is not cool. I am of course there with him and using this as an exercise for his to learn by so he can stand in his power.

When I teach, you will be ready for anything. A force to be reckoned with. I had a student once say to me "In other classes I've done, we meditated for 20 minutes and the teacher got us ready, so we could be relaxed and focused" I said " Picture you are at a party, you see an entity, and he knows you see him. He's going to look at his watch and say "That’s ok; I am happy to wait 20 minutes so you can meditate and be nice and relaxed then be ready to take me on." Probably not going to happen. It will jump on you as soon as it has been discovered, just in case you do try to send it away. I love practical appliable techniques.

Hi Billy

What I can see is that these entities are opportunists only which means there are no contracts and no actual reason for them to be there.

Can you Google "the Hologram of Love" images and print some off and put them on the windows in the rooms the attacks happen. These are vibrational and will raise the frequency of the room they are in. Visualise yourself inside six of them and when you do it, you must thought intent (as in stating your intention) each one as follows:

"First Hologram around me now for protection, thought intent activate" and do a little puff from your mouth which is conscious connected breathing. You must do the little puff so it will solidify in the space around you. Imagine and know it is around you.

"Second Hologram around me now for protection, thought intent activate" and do a little puff from your mouth which is conscious connected breathing. Imagine and know it is around you.

Keep going until you have six of them around you and each other. You can programme them for whatever you like, say.....healing a specific problem, removing a negative thought, to increase a specific emotion or mood, obviously protection - that type of thing.

You can also thought intent a couple of holograms around the entities and spin them up to the God Source or back to their place of origin never to return to this earth plain. Just make sure you say:

"Holograms around all entities in this room (or house, boat, car, property etc), nothing in or out, thought intent activate" PUFF then say "Spin them up to the god source (or "place of origin where they cannot return back to this Earth Plane") thought intent activate" and do the puff, and it will be done.

Nothing in or out means they cannot attack you or escape, and you cannot hurt them either. Always stay in wisdom and integrity. Coming from ego (anger or revenge etc) will only create karma for you. You must be the grown up!

You are very psychic and because you are not in control of your abilities you are open to anything that wants to play with you - good or bad. Because of the nature of your attacks, you must protect yourself every day and night. This is one of the many techniques from the Melchizedek Method and if you focus your will, it will absolutely work.

You are definitely an Empath so you also need to imagine that you are standing in a beautiful place and Arch Angel Michael is standing in front of you with his sword out. He lifts it and slices down each side of you, front and back of you repeatedly as he severs all connections where people and entities have plugged into you and are feeding off you. Michael then will shake your hand and give you any messages and carry on with his work. Personally I have never experienced Michael as anything but Action Man with a great sense of humour.

You know when you are being fed off because you will be tired after speaking to someone in person or even over the phone. I don't mind when elderly people do it as they need it and I can make some more, but I will still have a certain cut off point. I need my energy myself.

Let me know how you get on and let me know if you need anything else!

Have a great day everyone and take care!!





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