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Posted on 4 March, 2016 at 22:00

We all have a standard human forms yet we are so different. My experience has been that the soul is the electricity that turns on the physical form (we call that life) and when it leaves the body switches off (what we call death).


So whatever reality we enter into is the one we are focused on. Many different theories on multiple realities etc but i want to talk about the one you have consciousness of RIGHT NOW. This one. When i was 19 years old I was driving my black 1965 Hillman Minx up murphys bush road when I had a vision. They showed me a huge bubble. That represented my reality. It looked like a forest. Then one by one small bubbles appeared and within each of those was a different person. My mother in one, my father in another. My friends had a bubble each, and so did people i worked with and so on and so on.  There was even on for my dog!


As i looked at each one, they showed me the different people 'I WAS' when i was with them. I acted very different with my mother than with my best friend, and different again with my boss, and different again with my work mates. and so on and so on. I was expected to be a certain person with each one and complied willingly in every case. I was pretty shocked. I was not being my authentic self because it was not acceptable. I was expected to be what they wanted me to be to fit into THEIR worlds. They would say thing's to me like don't talk about that weird stuff just be normal. And you are a freak, stop talking! I could see energy control dramas and their dead relatives and friends, and had to shut up and stay quiet even though they had messages for them. I had learnt how to shut up and not speak my truth. Infact i learnt to stop feeling and speaking, and just existed. i existed in a reality i could not make any sense of. What is all of this for. Why do I exist? What is the point if death is all there is at the end. I was living my life according to what was expected by family, friends, society and my programming, which was deeply in conflict with itself. What my dead peeps told me was in direct conflict with what my living peeps told me. Awesome!! So what is the truth and who am i……. really?


Worlds Within Worlds it what i called it. That was when i knew i had to be myself and see who my real peeps were. As you can imagine when i stopped fitting into other peoples comfort zones i released a lot of controlling people i thought were my friends. Family are always an interesting challenge and believe me i was a challenge to my poor Virgo mother! LOL I soooo gave her her grey hair!!! I was 27 when i morphed from her strange daughter to her special daughter. Got there in the end.

Hugs and Kisses


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