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How We Got Together

Posted on 26 March, 2017 at 2:15

Hey everyone I hope all is going well.  I am really excited that my gorgeous soulmate Nigel is joining us on our mission to educate and help people focus on standing in the power of who they truely are.  I have had more than a few requests to write about our first date as it is a hilarious story that many have nearly wet themselves laughing at.  It may bring a smile to your face or it may even make you giggle.  

I'll start from the beginning.  I had spent about eighteen months talking to Nigel and we had the most wonderful conversations about philosophy, and quantum physics, and metaphysics.  At no time did he show any fear even after some of my scary psychic experiences.  He was fascinated.  I thought......this guy is something else. How do I ask him out without asking him out incase he says no?........... Aha!! And I said to him "Hey lets get a coffee sometime"  He said "Absolutely!" So we had a coffee and it was just fantastic.  He then asked me out on a date so I thought........... I'll cook him dinner so I can sus out his emotional states and see if he has a temper or maybe he's a bit self centered ....... you know, that type of thing.  I'm a therapist and have low tolerance for arrogant self centered men in relationships.   I have too much to do.  He wanted to take me out the following Saturday night, but I insisted on cooking so he aggreed, and you was the longest week of my life,  I don't know what happend but I found it so hard to not see him untill the following Saturday.

He turned up on time looking good enough to eat, and he came inside and we had some wine, and I was cooking and talking to him. I was so happy to see him.  When I was ready to serve dinner, I walked around to his side of the table to put food onto his plate and got the surprise of my life!!!!!  There was a very nasty, stenchy smell coming from I don't know where.  I thought "Nooooooo!!!  This can't be happening!!  He's not coming back after this!!!  I very sheepishly said to him " Can you smell that?" As if he couldnt!  He looked at meas if to say really? And said "Yes, I can".  I put down my pot and had a look under the table, and low and behold under the side table was the biggest runniest cat turd I have ever seen.  I could not believe it! Talk about timing!  I was so embarrased!!  I said to him "I'm really sorry about that, we just got our new kitten and she has an upset tummy, I'd better clean it up".   To my total shock and dismay he said to me ........."Give me the stuff and I'll clean it up."  That was it, I thought.  He doesnt want me serving his food after cleaning up cat poop.  OMG!! He"s gonna run.  So he insisted, and I continued serving while, yep, he cleaned up the slimey, smelly, kitten calling card.  What a legend!!

When he had finished it was like my wonderful Virgo Mother had miraculously teleported over, cleaned it up, and teleported home.  I was so impressed!!  I still thought........... it could go either way.   So we carried on with dinner and conversaion, and finished our wine and before we knew it, it was 7am and he had to go to work.  We had been up all night talking!!  Then he came back straight after work and we continued talking until we fell asleep.   I look forward to all of the conversations we will have, and the adventures we will have together, forever.

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