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How Do I Talk to a Ghost?

Posted on 15 January, 2014 at 8:10

Happy New Year!!

I don't know about you but mine started very busy and in my office.  New Years day I had clients.  Love every second!!

So down to business, as per my last Blog, this is basically what I ask to work out who or what the entity at hand is that you are dealing with. You can do this whether you are Melchizedek or not.

First put yourself and your client into protection.  Then I want to know if it is a friend or foe.  It could be a passed over mate, family member, and even commonly a baby that was miscarried or aborted, so I ll ask if there is a message (and will pass it on), a problem, or if they are stressed about going. 

If there is a problem then we will help to  resolve it or if they are stressed about going I explain to them that they are going to the place they came from before being born.  I call it home.  I make it very clear that they absolutely will be totally fine and their relatives and passed friends will meet them.  They will be welcomed with a party and anything they need to adjust to their new body. Some need more convincing than others.  I prefer not to force anyone but will if I have to. And yes I do mean a party! You can also call on someone to come and take them over which can be helpful in calming them down if they’re freaking out about going.  Just say “Can someone Joe already knows please come to take Joe home as he is needing help.” Or whatever you like. 

Some people pass with no particular beliefs and unfortunately a common one is that once your dead your dead.  Total rubbish.  I have spoken to sooo many spirits that they all can't be wrong.  They all have the same attitudes and ideas and are the same people, just without a solid physical form, and amazingly the same stories on where to go and what to do.  Not rocket science is it.  Nothing is mystical.  It is all logical. 

Also remembering we are in the free will zone, so if they believe you are going to hell, then their mind will create one for them to work through before they go home.  You can pull them out of that if you know how and get them over, but that’s heavier work.  Not for the beginner.  An excellent movie to give you an idea on that is "What Dreams May Come" with Robyn Williams in it.  Then you'll get your party!! 

So again use your imagination and imagine a tunnel up into the sky or a bright light in front of you and help them out by imagining they are going into the light or floating up a tunnel and going through a doorway at the other end.  If they are fighting you then put them into a vehicle of your choice and watch it go.  You will need to focus your thoughts and make it go, and know that it has gone.  This may take some practice.  Thought is creative in every way.  Use your imagination

Unless you are experienced in doing this then leave the ‘Dark Stuff’ until you know what you are doing.  If the person is haunted then find someone who is experienced to deal with the situation and watch them and learn.  Gung Ho will get you attacked and can really open up a can of worms so pull your head in and know what you are doing first.  Research it and do it fast because the internet is close to being policed and a lot of info will be gone.  The powers that control this society get very antsy when we think for ourselves and knowledge is power. 

‘Dark Stuff’ is things like shadowy dark figures sometimes with red eyes we call a Wraith and this is a passed soul that has become very very negative and nasty.  We have Lower Astral Entities which cruise around here and some have jobs and some are brats (I send them back to their point of origin so I can close the door after them and lock it down).  They don’t necessarily look like people either.  They could be weird little mutated animal’s running around your feet messing with the electrical system around your body making you feel weird like something is crawling all over you.  What western religions class as a demon can be a Wraith or an entity from the lower realms.   Then to really spice up the zucchini there are all sorts that come from other dimensions and other realities that have access to this place so please know what you are doing before you try anything. 

Right, I need food!!

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