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The Power of Thought

Posted on 3 September, 2014 at 19:05



This is not one of those lovely, fluffy, spiritual stories where the heavens open and the rays of light shine down, and the angels sing.......


This is the very first time I discovered the power of thought.


As a child my hands were covered in warts. They were gross. We are talking single one's, cluster's of 7 or eight all in one spot, big ones, tiny ones, medium sized ones, and on last count more than seventy. They were only on the palm's, the inside's of the fingers and thumb, and on the side's, but nothing on the tops.


Back in the day I never got bullied or anything, in fact none of my friends really noticed, but I certainly did. Maraetai school at the time had about 80 students and four five classrooms all up, from 5years old up to intermediate.


I got a bit worried about going to college the following year with my hands like this and it was already December so I needed to do something fast! I had a chat to my Dad. He said "When I was your age I had exactly the same thing. What I did was every morning and every night I looked at my hands and spoke to my warts and told them they were not welcome on my hands or anywhere on me and had to go back to where they came from which was nowhere!"


I thought WOW! Sounds like a go!


He then said "Tell them they are not a part of you and have no choice but to go, and have to be gone back to their place of origin before school starts in Februrary. Then sit and imagine and really feel as if they are no longer on your hands."


That day I started and every morning and every night I talked to the little suckers and was firm and demanded they go, and imagined my hands free of warts and felt the relief of them not being there. Boy did I have the desire! I went through christmas, even christmas morning I was telling off my warts, kept it up every day and night, we went camping and still I kept it up, I was determined.


Then one day I remember so was a week before college started......I looked down at my hands to tell off those little invaders......and as if by magic........they were gone. Not one. Not even a trace. Not a mark, not a lump, nothing. I showed my dad and he was chuffed!


So without any of the horrible creams or the lovely burning off process - NOT - at 12 years old I achieved something that I thought was pretty cool and a great relief before starting college. Pat on the back for Dad!!

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