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Robyn Goulder

      Clairvoyant & Psychic Medium 



I completed Melchizedek Method 1 & 2 with Robyn and it was the most amazing experience I have had. The techniques are extremely powerful and I feel so much at peace and protected by the Light of God.

I am looking forward to practicing it daily and completing levels 3 & 4 to deepen my knowledge. 

Robyn is an excellent teacher/guide and has shared some great inspiring stories of her life.

The workshop is fabulous and it takes you on a journey of connecting with your higher self. It is definitely a ladder to enlightenment! 

I was at a place where I needed direction and to hear the truth; I'd heard about Robyn from a friend of mine who had already seen her and she helped immensely. I had no idea what to expect and was very nervous. When I arrived she made me feel relaxed and safe and she told me things that she could not have known. She told me things abut myself that i had never told anyone and she explained stuff to me that makes me feel better about myself and being alive. I now have clear direction and am excited about my future!!!Her readings are definitely unique and like no others. David found Robyn through her website and we did a Skype reading/healing session. I was very surprised with the knowledge of the esoteric and unexplainable she has. She helped me to accept my unusual knowledge and abilities and her advice to integrate them into this reality has worked!!! I feel like I fit now. Super cool!

Angela R

I was at a confusing crossroads in my life, it was recommended through a friend that I see Robyn. I had no idea what was going to happen but knew something needed to change. From day one I liked her style and the way we worked out what was happening in my mind, which seemed to be a jungle at the time.

Throughout the past four years I have learned a lot about my mind, body and spirit. Robyn has taught me so much I could probably write a novel. With Robyn's guidance, I've learned how to keep myself on track. This consists of a fine tuned diet, meditation, and therapy sessions and support. Diet has a major impact on moods and overall well being. I have been taught what is good, bad, and ok in moderation and how to still live and enjoy food through a balanced diet. Which till this day I still stick to.

These are never 'therapy sessions' I dread attending, they are fun and exciting. I am always welcomed with a big smile, a hug and a wonderful cup of tea. When I feel like the world is crashing around me it only means we have things to work on. I've really got to know who I really am and trust what I believe in and trust that I can be guided by the universe to where I need to go in my life.

Robyn has become not only my teacher but an amazing friend. With my willingness to learn and her experienced, direct approach and passion of teaching, there is no time for mucking about. I have come such a long way and feel like i have so much to achieve now. I will continue to see and keep in contact with Robyn for years to come. I hope you are lucky enough to experience what I have with Robyn.

Anonymous, Auckland

Thanks Robyn for coming and sorting my problems with my sons sleep. After you were subtle (hehe) in moving my mischievous (miscarried) children on, the sudden waking and screaming for hours we had experienced with him for so long, stopped! We actually got some sleep!!!! You were so clear in helping me understand what was happening and why. Thanks so much!!!

Catherine xxx

Robyn has been god sent. I have the most gratitude and affection towards her. Through her assistance, limitless support and coaching I have re-established a relationship with my own self. I am finally able to accept and re-connect with my consciousness. I was broken inside out and Robyn has provided the tools to fix me.

Ever since I was a little girl I have had to battle with access weight. Robyn has designed an eating plan which has literally been a “Lifestyle to Freedom”. Only two weeks into the plan my body is thanking me as each day I feel like a brand new girl. I am glowing, I feel more beautiful, and for once I have energy!!! I am becoming the person that I was always supposed to be. The state of my body is finally beginning to match the state of my soul.

There is simply no way to thank Robyn in words. All I know is that she has been brought into my life for a very special and vital reason.”

Kseniya, Auckland

“I visited Robyn in 2005 for a reading, it was impressively enlightening that she would be able to channel that Dave, whom I just met, will be my life partner and he is the one for me - just trust the flow. And now we are happily married and known each other for the last 7 years and our love is still growing stronger and stronger every day. We learned the 1st and 2nd level of Melchizedek through Robyn in year 2006, with the knowledge of this Egyptian Healing technique; we bonded with our souls beautifully. In our daily life we uses the technique and has helps us to practice and retrieve our universal abundance in many ways. It is so bless with this wisdom.

The same year I visited Robyn again for another reading, this time she could channeled what future house would be. At that time, I did not believe that we were capable of that kind of house, but within 2 years of the reading we bought it exactly as it was described and it was within our attainable price!! Although we did practice using the Melchizedek method to retrieve our universal abundance and true enough no other bidder except us attended the Auction. It is miracle... and we are still loving and living in the house since Oct 2008."

Nancy, Waiuku

Before going to see Robyn, I felt reluctant, vigilant and apprehensive around swimming in water. It was never an enjoyable experience for me. During my first session with Robyn, we revisited a time when I had experienced a trauma around water, and we cleared the fears and emotions surrounding this. After my session, I went home and felt the urge to go swimming.

To my amazement, I jumped in the water without any hesitation and thoroughly enjoyed myself, feeling totally refreshed. My children were very surprised and excited too, and since that day we went swimming every day of summer. It has been a wonderful experience. I feel free and liberated and am enjoying this life without the fear.

Rachael, Walkworth

Course Testimonials from One Day Workshops:

Today was an eye opener, I experienced a lot fast and it was explained simply and it felt comfortable and made sense.


Great empowering journey. I found like this was a whole new experience, one that I need to get deeper into.


Love the courses Robyn offers. Opening worlds and sharing with passion to show others their experience, opening possibilities and the invitation to explore safely.


A truly awesome experience. Robyn really knows what shes doing and how to bring out the most. It was a really amazing day!


Workshop was awesome! Such clarity - permission to be me with all I sense feel and see!

I found myself letting go of resistance unconsciously I've held for years! Finally I am ok to be me!

What a wonderful gift you two Robyn and Steph gave us all and expecially me. Thank you for all of your sharing and love. Its so valuable! So knowledgable!


Ka mau te wehi! Awesome, thanks.


Thought it was pretty awesome.


Course Testimonials from The Melchizedek Method Workshop:

‘Life changing! Too many words and thoughts…. Speechless!


‘I have for years now been asking and seeking the pathway of life abundantly. Never thinking why search would take me to participate and open up to the Spirti realm and expanding my perception of reality!! With the Melchizedek Method I feel safe – enlarged – powerful – equipped and supported and very much in oneness with myself and the Brotherhood of Light. Now understanding why I am here and the purpose for my life!!’


‘My experience gave me a sense of acceptance and showed me love is infinity, self is infinity, creative is infinity. We can do whatever we want to do, asking help is gracious and inspires. Feeling the release and feeling pure is inspiring. Feeling a new world, and a free world is inspiring. Our mentors are beautiful as well as inspiring. Thank you Robyn and Inga.’


‘What an amazing experience! Truly life changing and inspiring, and I would recommend to all. These two ladies are absolutely beautiful and I could not think of better conductors to guide us through this journey. You can’t afford to miss this opportunity. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Peace, love and light.’


‘I came to this course not really knowing what to expect and have finished it feeling relaxed and happy. I have a few more tools in the toolbox now and look forward to being able to make a really loving positive environment for myself and others to live in.Thanks.’


‘Life changing journey of self-discovery and knowledge of healing and the pathway to reaching and receiving the ultimate love of God.’


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